Our exceptional performance and innovation is down to our expert team and they software they use

At Robinson, our exceptional performance and innovation is down to our expert and fully trained team and the carefully selected Software that we have implemented across the business.

We invest heavily in our infrastructure to assist our team across the business, from Purchasing to Accounting, Detailing to Fabrication and Design to Erection, all of which ensure the smooth management and success of each and every project we deliver.

Our in-house Structural Engineers use Tekla Structural Designer for Frame and Connection Design.

The information from Tekla Structural Designer is shared with Tekla Structures which is a great advantage, as it enables our Structural Detailers to create quality Fabrication Drawings, Material Lists, Erection Packages and CNC data for our First-Class Fabrication Facility. In addition, we produce BIM models to accurately manage and trace all projects.

Another software that we utilise within the drawing office is Autodesk Revit.

Not only is Autodesk Revit an incredibly useful tool for developing concepts or an artist’s impression, it enables us to export to the Industry-Standard IFC format which in turn benefits our Estimating team as they’re able to take that data to create a Material Take Off incredibly quickly and extremely accurately.

List of steel design software

STRUMIS is our chosen Management Information System, used across the business for:

Using the data exported from Revit, our Estimating team import a Material Take Off very quickly, then within STRUMIS, very quickly add all extra costs to create a comprehensive Estimate for our clients.

The data that we import from the Tekla Structures generates a Material List and enables our team to be a step ahead with purchasing for each Lot utilising the automated Nesting software at the heart of STRUMIS. Further to keeping on top of Procurement for Steel, we run all Orders for our business through STRUMIS and this in turn links to our Accounts Software.

Using a combination of the Nesting Plans generated by STRUMIS and the NC data from Tekla, we are able to issue to and manage our Production Control with absolute accuracy. Further to this, due to managing our deliveries of steel (complete with Cast References and Test Certification), we have full traceability within our Workshop. For Fabrication, we utilise the Production Console which gives us real time feedback on the progress of each Job as well as enables us to keep track of efficiency.

Finally, when fabrication is complete we use STRUMIS to manage all Delivery Tickets, whether that’s to Site, to Sub Fabrication or to the Galvanisers.

Union Square
Workshop Software

We maintain full transparency with our team, clients and supply chain at every stage of the process

Dan James – Drawing Office Manager, Robinson

Union Square
Union Square is our Document Management System. Rolled out to all employees, it enables every member of the team to keep up to date with all Project data via a simple and user-friendly online portal. Not only that, but integration with Microsoft Outlook means all emails are stored in one place giving all users (depending on permission settings) access to correspondence. This not only makes all members of the team more efficient, it also reduces the risk of losing important data.

Raptor & Peddinghaus
Raptor is the software that powers our Peddinghaus PCD 1250 Beamline. However, it’s much more than that. Raptor is an incredibly powerful software used to modify NC data to make it more efficient for the workstation, ensuring ultimate Quality Control for all NC Data.

List of software used

Asta Powerproject
Asta Powerproject is a powerful Project Management software tool. Although there are many on the market, Asta is specifically designed with the Construction industry in mind making it the perfect tool. Asta offers precise scheduling helping us keep ahead of all projects that we work on.

Access Dimensions
Access Dimensions manages all our Accounting needs. Our QS team are able to manage and track all Project Costs to provide monthly updates. With the integration with orders raised within STRUMIS by the Purchasing Team, Time consuming tasks such as tracking invoices with full traceability is streamlined but with increased accuracy making Access Dimensions pivotal to our Business.

3D Model Software
Software used in Workshop