Our New Marketing Co-Ordinator

Robinsons have recently introduced a new Co-Ordinator into the Marketing department!

Lia Wilson joined the team In July and has since driven the company’s online presence in the right direction. Lia has recently completed her Master’s in marketing Management and is quickly beginning her career with Robinson. She will be working closely with all departments in the company and hopes to gain as much knowledge and information as she can.

Lia’s first visit to a construction site allowed her to understand how it all comes together, she visited a service station in Rugby that Robinson are currently working on. This was a brilliant opportunity which meant she could get some marketing material to begin building the case study and carefully selecting the photos and videos.

Lia has helped organise our recent Exhibition show at the RWM where she designed the merchandise, leaflets, brochures and any online advertisements. Robinson were able to grow the company and meet new clients through this event and hope to arrange more visits and exhibitions to other shows this year! Lia is currently working towards the Lamma 2020 show where she will be designing and arranging the stand and bringing in new eye catching visuals.

Lia will be updating our website and social media regularly, introducing new Marketing strategies, new adverts in magazines and newsletters, whilst also reaching out to new customers to ensure we can provide quality building solutions. We are excited to meet new Clients and hope that we can build new relationships and offer our services to help towards expanding a business or starting a new one!