Production Improvements

Great strides have been made towards introducing improvements in production. Since our Production Manager, Paul Cavill started, he and his team have worked hard to develop and implement more rigorous systems to measure five key performance indicators; Safety, Quality, People, Delivery and Cost.

Our focus board allows our team to monitor near misses and incidents, projects, people, training and costs. Our team are able to keep track of any information they feel is important, keep up to date with all the current jobs and see the results of completed jobs.

Below are some amazing improvements that have happened over the past 6 months!


Not only have we been developing our focus board, our new standard for Lean Manufacturing ‘5S’ allows us to organize spaces so work can be performed efficiently, effectively, and safely. Below are the 5 points introduced to the workshop. Adopting this system has led to vast improvements in safety, quality, efficiency and productivity.