Providing agricultural steel buildings

 and have been for many years.

Agricultural Steel Buildings are quickly becoming the preferred choice for the farming industry. This is because they are durable, sturdy and reliable in any weather condition, yet quick and easy to install. This makes them the perfect choice for anyone looking to upgrade. Our customers have the option to choose exactly what shape they want the steel buildings to be. This is what makes our buildings suitable for any agricultural business. Our steel buildings can be designed and installed to fit any farm or rural location and for any purpose. It doesn’t matter whether it’s for crop or grain stores, hay-barns, live stock or equestrian complexes, we can provide it. With extensive industry knowledge, no matter how difficult the agricultural steel project is, our team are available to help.



Our customers come to us with their ideas, whether it has been planned and designed or they are just starting out. Then once the enquiry has been submitted, we can take it from there! More importantly, we have the ability to customize any aspect of the newly designed steel building. For example doors, access points, the roof and even the color are all customize-able and can match any already existing buildings. Steel buildings offer plenty of space whilst providing structural stability, they are an environmentally friendly cost-effective solution which will not let you down, perfect for the agriculture industry.

If you’re thinking of replacing old buildings, extending your current ones or even starting up a new business, steel buildings are the way forward, giving you a reliable and long lasting successful business.

Stand out with steel buildings

  • Grain Stores
  • Riding School
  • Hay Barns
  • Equestrian Complexes
  • Live stock
  • Shelters

We are CE Mark approved, meaning all of our buildings conform to British and EC codes with the highest standard of build quality.

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