Priory Lands – Appledore Crop Store

An efficient and fully integrated crop storage facility with big ‘green’ credentials – a 100kW solar panel array, a rainwater harvesting system and ultra-efficient gas-powered dryers.

Project Type
Crop Store
Steel Tonnage
Works Carried Out
Foundations, Structural Steelwork, Pre-cast concrete walling, Roller shutter doors, Fibre Cement roofing, Concrete Floor slab, Steel wall cladding, Personnel doors, Syphonic guttering and drainage

Martin Clifton Ltd has slowly accrued eight farms over several decades, but they had no central storage facility for their crops. Many of the buildings they owned were old and inefficient to dry crop in, so the family rented grain storage space elsewhere – incurring rental costs, and logistically, making the drying process, even more, labour intensive.

Originally designed as a 36m span x 60m long portal frame building, Robinson redesigned the building to be a twin 30m span x 36m long, saving Martin Clifton Ltd almost 10% of their package price. The footprint, door positions, eaves height, and storage capacity remained unchanged, but the narrowed span and lower apexes saved huge steelwork tonnage.

Having an excellent knowledge of the Agricultural sector, Robinson gave the crop store big ‘green’ credentials. The new facility’s roof has a 100kW solar panel array, a rainwater harvesting system that collects and channels the rainwater for crop spraying in dry weather, and ultra-efficient gas-powered dryers that automatically adjust their energy output based on moisture readings from sensors within the crops themselves.

Delivered in just over 7 months, Robinson submitted and managed the planning application on Martin Clifton Ltd’s behalf, designed and completed ground works, fabricated and built the fully integrated crop store in time for that year’s harvest.

“We are delighted with the building and with the support we received from those who worked on it.”

Martin Clifton – Owner, Martin Clifton Ltd

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