Camgrain Stores Ltd

The erection of our new 20,000 tonne flatstore building at Camgrain, Stratford upon Avon APC for the main contractor T H WHITE PROJECTS continues.

Camgrain is a farmer-owned central storage co-operative, established in 1983 and is the UK’s largest farmer owned network of co-ordinated APC (Advanced Processing Centre) central stores. Crucially their sites are geared up for rapid collection of grain from their 640+ farmer members, whilst also being conveniently located to ensure they can guarantee a just-in-time delivery whatever the weather.

The Stratford APC, originally established in 1978, merged into Camgrain in 2011. Following the merger, a full refurbishment programme has taken place and Camgrain have seen farmer interest in the Stratford store grow significantly. The new Robinsons flat store is part of a major investment programme in 2015/16 which will see storage capacity increase to around 50,000 tonnes, together with a new quality control centre and double weighbridge layout.

As the Contractor for this programme, we are providing the superstructure for the new storage facility including structural steelwork, roofing and cladding, doors and concrete panel walling. This combination of work ensures that our client (T H WHITE PROJECTS) benefits from our successful interface of packages, to eliminate the potential for design coordination issues (as it saves them employing numerous subcontractors).

We can also ensure the whole programme is accelerated, as we are fully in control of the labour and machinery resourcing to ensure that the right people are in the right place at the right time throughout our work projects.