Chambers Waste’s new office extension continues

The steel frame for Chambers Waste’s office expansion is now complete. This means the next phase of the project is already underway…

Office expansion

In July 2016, Robinson Structures were awarded the contract to extend the two storey office structure which Robinsons had previously provided to the Chambers Group. This is an interesting project which will significantly expand the office space for the Surrey based company and will involve:

• Piling
• Foundations
• Structural steel framework
• Mezzanine floor steelwork
• Roof cladding
• Vertical cladding
• External windows and doors
• Rain water gutters and downpipes
• Metal decking and concrete
• All brickwork
• All internal blockwork to lift shaft 2
• Dividing wall between the existing workshop and the new extension
• 2 staircases
• Temporary cladding to form the internal gable
• Foul water drainage
• Intumescent painting
• Site offices
• Structural engineer

We will continue to provide you with progress details and photos.
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