Dong Energy – Renescience waste management facility

DONG Energy invests in bio plant in the UK.

The world’s first bio plant for handling unsorted household waste without prior treatment, using enzymes will be ready in early 2017. DONG Energy will finance, build and operate the plant.

We are very proud to be part of this revolutionary project, which includes us building a portal framed, and stick and beam structure. This is a multi-phase contract including installing decking and precast stairs to the office section situated in the middle of the structure. This project is ongoing, with a completion date of early January.

We have been tasked with erecting the steel-frame for this project, which will form part of a high tech waste to energy plant that processes black bag bin waste. In total, the structure will be will be made of (approximately) 202 tonnes of hot rolled and 51 tonnes of cold rolled steel.

Part of the structure will be five meters high and will be fixed to the top of a 17 meter high concrete bunker. This phase will be erected using an 80 tonne crane and 135 foot Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs) for access.

REnescience. Tell me more about it…

REnescience is part of DONG Energy – one of the leading energy groups in Northern Europe. DONGEnergy has decided to build the world’s first plant for handling unsorted household waste without prior treatment, by means of enzymes. The ground-breaking technology, REnescience, has been developed by DONG Energy and tested at2 a demonstration plant in Copenhagen since 2009. The new plant, the first commercial full-scale plant, will be built in Northwich near Manchester and will ensure that a larger part of UK waste will be recycled and converted into biogas.

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